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Public Transportation Scholarships

APTF provides scholarships to deserving students interested in the transit field. Applicants should demonstrate a continued interest in a career in the public transportation industry, high academic achievement, and need for financial assistance. Selections will be made without regard to disability, race, color, religion, sex or ethnic origin.  It is the intent of this Foundation to provide equal opportunity and consideration to all qualified individuals.

​​​Applicants need to be sponsored by an APTA member organization or APTA member assignee. Further information about application guidelines​ can be found on the Scholarship Program Guidelines​ page. 

Linda Apodaca
2014 and 2015 APTF Scholarship Recipient
Manager of Community Engagement
Foothill Transit, West Covina, CA

“The APTF scholarship allowed me to pursue my Master’s Degree. I hesitated on pursuing higher education because I am the mother of three soon-to-be college students and I had to prioritize their schooling. With my agency’s reimbursement and the APTF scholarship I was actually able to cover most of my expenses without negatively impacting my children’s ability to go to college. In addition, my education is directly applied in my everyday work life. I was ready to take on the role of Interim Director of Marketing because of my schooling and the invaluable support of my professors, classmates, and colleagues. APTF helped make that possible. I am profoundly thankful for being a past scholarship recipient, APTF impacted me, my family and my agency in such a wonderful way. Thank you!”​

APTF Named Scholarships

In addition to the APTF board scholarships, there are several named scholarships. For more detailed information about each scholarship, please visit the guidelines page.

    • Jack R. Gilstrap Scholarship
    • Parsons Brinckerhoff - Jim Lammie Scholarship
    • Louis T. Klauder Scholarship
    • Dan M. Reichard, Jr. Scholarship
    • Dr. George M. Smerk Scholarship
    • Richard J. Bouchard AECOM Scholarship
    • Florida Public Transportation Association Scholarship
    • Reba Malone Scholarship
    • Raymond C. Miller Scholarship
    • Shirley A. DeLibero Scholarship
    • Frank Lichtanski Scholarship
    • William Millar Scholarship
    • Jerome C. Premo Scholarship
    • BMBG/Janie Wulkan Memorial Scholarship​
    • Fran Hooper Scholarship
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 25th Anniversary Scholarship
    • Bombardier Transportation Scholarship

 Our Mission: 'To increase and retain the number of individuals choosing the transit field as a career by providing scholarships and engagement opportunities to deserving students and transit professionals - our future leaders.'

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