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Raise $250,000 so that APTF can establish up to five (5) new named student scholarships by the 2017.

The idea would be to grow this segment by adding 5 new corporate or association or foundation, etc., named student scholarships. This would increase the number of named scholarships by almost 50%.

We have a two-tiered approach (to included the smaller businesses in Package B) as follows:

  • Package A - $10K/yr for 5 yrs for a $50K fully-funded scholarship

General Background

The “Take Us There” Campaign means a commitment from 5 corporations, association or organizations to agree to establish 5 new named scholarships over 5 years, for a total of $250,000. The Campaign was announced at the APTF Awards Program during APTA’s Annual Meeting conference in October 2100 and will continue through the next 4 years.

By raising $250,000, the APTF will expand the number of student scholarships and enhance workforce development programs in the public transportation industry.

The donating entity will specify the type of scholarship they would like to award, as long as it conforms to the general goals of the APTF and benefits the public transportation industry. The APTF Board would approve each scholarship fund and would choose the scholarship winners during its annual scholarship selection process.

The “There” is the goal to raise $250,000. Each company that commits will designate their representative serve as APTF spokespersons at various APTA conferences, workshops and seminars.

It is also important to remember that the focus of the campaign is not only on the building of a large donation, but on the benefits to the industry that this contribution will provide through expanded, increased and more efficient programming in providing funding to support the education needed to grow the leaders of the future. The APTF website would have a hyperlink to each company’s website. And most importantly, once fully funded, it is funded for life and this company named scholarship is publicized and awarded into perpetuity.

Current APTF Named Scholarships

Currently, APTF has the following Named Scholarships:

  • The Parsons Brinckerhoff – Jim Lammie Scholarship - awarded to an applicant dedicated to a public transportation engineering career.
  • The Louis T. Klauder Scholarship - awarded to an applicant dedicated to a career in the rail transit industry as an electrical or mechanical engineer.
  • The Richard J. Bouchard/AECOM Scholarship – awarded to an applicant dedicated to a career in public transportation planning and development.
  • The Florida Public Transportation Association Scholarship (FPTA) –awarded to an applicant from the state of Florida, and sponsored by a Florida public transit system or the FPTA.

Why Join?

The incentive/benefit for each of the 5 companies who create the 5 scholarships in their names are: (through Passenger Transport, the APTF website, APTF social media sites, APTA conferences)

  • Companies will be recognized for their corporate responsibility, the commitment to contribute to the development of young students to ensure the future of our industry.
  • Companies will be recognized for their unique role in bridging the gap between need and resources
  • Promotional materials would identify these companies
  • Testimonials from scholarships recipients on how each helped
  • Each company may become involved with the APTF on other levels, your opinions matter

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