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Kwan Pik HuiKwan Pik Hui

Winner of the Jack R. Gilstrap Scholarship, awarded to an applicant with the highest overall scores determined the board of directors, Sponsored by the National Transportation Institute Mr. Paul Larrousse, Executive Director. Kwan is working on her Masters in City Planning at Rutgers University.


Gregory S. MacfarlaneGregory S. Macfarlane

Winner of the Parsons Brinckerhoff-Jim Lammie Scholarship, sponsored by Utah Transit Authority, Mr. Michael Alegra, General Manager. Gregory is working on his PhD in Civil Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Jennifer Ann JohnsonJennifer Ann Johnson

Winner of the Louis T. Klauder Scholarship, sponsored by Clemson Area Transit, Mr. Al Babinicz, Executive Director. Jennifer is working on her PhD in Civil Engineering at Clemson University.


Katherine Anne LarsenKatherine Anne Larsen

Winner of the Dan Reichard, Jr. and the Donald C. Hyde Memorial Essay Scholarships. Sponsored by Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Ms. Linda Watson, Executive Director. Katherine is working on a Masters in Civil Engineering at the University of Texas.


Alexander Charles Trauger Alexander Charles Trauger

Winner of the  Dr. George M. Smerk Scholarship. Sponsored by, Metroplan Orlando, Mr. Harold Barley, Executive Director. Alexander is working on his Masters in Public Administration at University of Central Florida.


Sarah Marie Fine Sarah Marie Fine

Winner of the Richard J. Bouchard Scholarship. Sponsored by Rhode Island Public Transportation Association, Mr. Mark Therrion, Executive Director. Sarah is working on her Masters of City Planning at the University of CA, Berkeley.


Alexander Jesse Garcia Alexander Jesse Garcia

Winner of the Florida Public Transportation Association Scholarship. Sponsored by StarMetro , Mr. Ron Garrison, General Manager. Alexander is working on his Masters in Transportation Planning at Florida State University.


Tanya Anakijeva Tanya Anakijeva

Winner of the Reba Malone Scholarship. Sponsored by the Maryland Transportation Authority, Mr. Ralign Wells, Administrator. Tanja is entering her junior year at John Hopkins University School of Business.


Cameron H. Dunbar Cameron H. Dunbar

Winner of the Raymond C. Miller Scholarship. Sponsored by UMass Transit Services, Mr. Allan Byam, Executive Director. Cameron is entering his senior year at the University of Massachusetts studying journalism.


Sascha S. Sabaroche Sascha S. Sabaroche

Winner of the Shirley A. DeLibero Scholarship. Sponsored by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Harris County, Mr. George Greanias, President and Chief Executive Officer. Sascha is working on her Masters of Transportation planning and management at Texas Southern University.

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