Congratulations to the 2015 Renewal Scholarship Recipients!  

To find out more information about the scholarship renewal process, please visit the Scholarship Program Guideline page. 

Linda Apodaca.PNG

Linda Apodaca

Sponsored by Foothill Transit

Kenneth Hildebrand.PNG

Kenneth Hildebrand

Sponsored by UMass Transit Services

Zachary Kronicz.PNG

Zachary Kronicz

Sponsored by the York County Transportation Authority (RabbitTransit)

Joseph Lutz.PNG

Joseph Lutz

Sponsored by Foothill Transit

Kevin Morrissey.PNG

Kevin Morrissey

Sponsored by UMass Transit Services

Christopher Pieper.PNG

Christopher Pieper

Sponsored by Foothill Transit

Hendy D. Satya (Satyaputra).PNG

Hendy D. Satya (Satyaputra)

Sponsored by Foothill Transit

Melissa Schramm.PNG

Melissa Schramm

Sponsored by the Urban Transportation Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Brian Smith.PNG

Brian Smith                                                                                                              

Sponsored by Hampton Roads Transit

Yanshuo Sun.PNG

Yanshuo Sun

Sponsored by Montgomery County Transit Services/Ride On

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