Named Scholarships

Atkins, Nicholas_Resized.jpg

Nicholas Atkins, Florida Public Transportation Association Scholarship (FPTA)
B.S., public administration
University of Central Florida
Sponsored by LYNX - Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority

Bailey, Crystal_Resized.jpg
Crystal BaileyNathaniel Ford Scholarship 
​​M.B.A., management information
Park University
Sponsored by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Bendifallah, Jared_Resized.jpg
Jared Bendifallah,  James “Jim” Cowen Scholarship
M.S, transportation planning
University of Southern California 
Sponsored by the University of Southern California 

Michael BernhardtDr. George M. Smerk ScholarshipBernhardt, Michael_ Resized.jpg
Ph.D. in leadership
Northcentral University
Sponsored by the Central PA Transportation Authority
(dba rabbittransit) 

Brown, Darwin_Resized.jpg
Darwin BrownAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 25th Anniversary Scholarship 
B.S. organizational management 
University of Laverne
Sponsored by Access Services Inc.

Cahill, Matthew_Resized.jpg
Matthew CahillJack R. Gilstrap Scholarship
J.D. - M.B.A
Northwestern University
Sponsored by WSP USA

Chang, Chris_Resized.jpg
Chia-Huai ChangRichard J. Bouchard-AECOM Scholarship
M.S. city & regional planning
Georgia Institute of Technology
Sponsored by WSP, USA

Cullen, Lindsay_Resized.jpg
Lindsay CullenParsons Brinckerhoff / Jim Lammie Scholarship
B.S. in civil engineering
University of Rhode Island 
Sponsored by Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB)

Dahal, Beema_Resized.jpg
Beema DahalFran Hooper Scholarship
M.S.,  civil engineering
Boise State University
Sponsored by Boise State University

Golembeski, Jordan_Resized.jpg
​Jordan GolembeskiRaymond C. Miller Scholarship
M.F.A. in communication design  
Texas State University-San Marcos
Sponsored by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Halls, Cassie_Resized.jpg
Cassie Halls, William Millar Scholarship
M.U.R.P.,  transportation policy & planning
Sponsored by the Shared-Use Mobility Center

Laurent, Taylor_Resized.jpg
Taylor Laurent, Stephanie Pinson Scholarship
M.S.C.E- transportation systems 
University of Central Florida 
Sponsored by HDR

Malloy, Kidada_Resized.jpg
Kidada Malloy Shirley DeLibero Scholarship
M.S. urban planning 
Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Timm, Julie_Resized.jpg
Timm, Dan M. Reichard, Jr. Scholarship
Executive M.B.A. 
Vanderbilt University
Sponsored by WeGo Public Transit (Nashville) 

Saeed, Tariq Usman_Resized.png
Tariq Usman
SaeedJerome C. Premo Scholarship 
Ph.D., transportation engineering
Purdue University
Sponsored by Purdue University

Schomacker, Matthew_Resized.jpg
Matthew SchomackerBombardier Transportation Scholarship
B.S., civil engineering 
Northeastern University
Sponsored by HDR

Sherrill, Justin_Resized.jpg

SherrillReba Malone Scholarship
Portland State University
​Sponsored by King County Metro

Tapia, Edith_Resized.jpg
Tapia, Louis T. Klauder Scholarship
M.E., systems & information engineering
University of Virginia
Sponsored by Raul V. Bravo + Associates, Inc.

Wang, Sicheng_Resized.jpg
WangValarie J. McCall Scholarship
Ph.D. in transportation planning & public policy
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Sponsored by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Willman, Josie_Resized.jpg
WillmanBMBG/Janie Wulkan Memorial Scholarship
M.S., urban planning
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 
Sponsored by the Milwaukee County Transit System

Ziedan, Abubaker_Resized.jpg
Abubakr Ziedan, Donald C. Hyde Memorial Essay Scholarship
Ph.D., transportation engineering
University of Tennessee
Sponsored by the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority

Bieze, Jody_Revised.jpg

Jody Bieze, Director at Kootenai County, was selected to receive the 2018 Frank Lichtanski Scholarship, awarded to an eligible candidate from a small or medium-sized transit agency to attend the Eno Center for Transportation Leadership Transit Executive Seminar. Jody attended Eno’s program in the spring of 2018.

Single Year Scholarships

Fewell, Leonardo.jpg
Fewell, KFH Group Scholarship
B.S., criminal justice administration
National University
Sponsored by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)

Simons, Cameron_Resized.jpg

Simons, Mineta Transportation Institute / American Public Transportation Foundation Joint Scholarship
M.S. in statistics 
San Jose State University
Sponsored by the Mineta Transportation Insitute

Volanos, Jessica.jpg
Volanos, Devin Roy APTF Scholar Ambassador Program Scholarship
B.S. in public administration
University of La Verne
Sponsored by Access Services Inc.

Boa​rd Scholarships

Allen, Marek_Resized.jpg
B.S. Business Adminiatration
Pierce College 
Sponsored by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Cravens, Jo Ann.jpg
Jo Ann Cravens 
B.S., public safety & emergency management
Grand Canyon University 
Sponsored by Ben Franklin Transit

DiBona, Matthew_Resized.jpgMatthew DiBona 
M.A., urban sustainability and resilience
Xavier University 
Sponsored by the Southwest Ohio Transit Authority

Gundlach, Daniel_Resized.jpg
M.S, community & environmental planning
University of Montana 
Sponsored by ASUM Transportation

Reyes, Thalya_Resized.jpg