Scholar Spotlight

Since its inception in 1988 the American Public Transportation Foundation has awarded over $1,000,000 in scholarships in pursuit of the APTF’s mission of increase and retain the number of individuals choosing the transit field as a career. This spotlight shines on the scholars and professionals who have received awards and shares how they have progressed in the industry. 

Transportation, for better or worse, impacts everyone’s daily life. I’ve lived car-free for seven years while living in three different states, and my experience with public transportation has varied widely. Public transportation has given me the opportunities to visit friends and family, support myself financially while in school, live in a big city like New York, and even just relax and read a book on my way to work.  All this and more has been possible because of public transportation. While living in New York, I realized my penchant for providing subway directions to tourists could be useful in a career where it was important to understand routes and connections and my interest for public transit flourished. 

Kelly Glenn
Service Planner
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
2016 APTF Board Scholarship Recipient