I am the Chief Technology Officer at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.  As a member of the executive team, my role is to drive innovation through the use of technology throughout our organization and into the community.  Partnerships with organizations like Kansas City’s Smart Cities project, working with exciting technologies like enhanced Traffic Signal Priority, on-vehicle passenger amenities, and implementing cloud based back-office systems are all part of my routine.

My successful career in public transportation is directly related to receiving an APTF Scholarship. When I received the award at the APTA annual meeting in Boston Massachusetts, I was working for a transportation contracting company and had the opportunity to meet the company’s president and several top executives. The company president pulled me aside and offered me a management job in a new startup location that was scheduled to open shortly after I graduated from college. I accepted the job, graduated from college, and started down the path in public transportation that has ultimately led to my current executive position at a premier public transportation authority.

Bryan Beck
Chief Technology Officer
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
1994 Donald C. Hyde Memorial Essay Award Recipient