I assist public transportation providers with developing financial strategies to advance their major capital improvements. I work all over the country, and my role changes significantly from project to project. I have primarily specialized in identifying and screening potential federal, state, local, and private revenue sources for major capital projects, matching potential sources to project elements, preparing conceptual financial scenarios, conducting high-level cash flow analyses, and selecting, prioritizing, and positioning projects for federal grants and loans. I absolutely love my job because what I do gets down to the core of what is required to advance much needed public transportation infrastructure and ultimately improve mobility, accessibility, and quality of life in communities across our country. We can put a wealth of visionary plans on the shelf, but we won’t be able to implement them until we develop a sustainable funding strategy and financial plan. and cleaner for our environment.

Amanda Vandegrift
HDR, Project Financial Consultant
2012 APTF Scholarship Recipient